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Kilnamanagh Rockets Academy
The Rockets Academy caters for Boys and Girls age 4yrs to 7yrs.
Saturday mornings for the boys and every Sunday morning for the girls with a break for Christmas.
We have a full complement of coaches all with their F.A.I Kick Start Badges overseen by Academy coordinator John Murphy. The children are taught the basic skills mixed with fun and match practice which they will need when it comes time for them to enter the league proper at U7.
Each child is supplied with a full set of gear


Boys & Girls:

For times and dates please make contact below




The Fundamentals are broken down into four groups, technical, tactical, physical and mental.
While many of the activities might look like the coaches are trying to heard bumble bees each of the drills will take one or more of these Fundamentals into account. 

Fundamental - Technical
Basic motor skills: proper running, jumping and throwing technique
Modified skills of different sports
Knowledge of the basics of equipment
Introduction to basic football skills with the ball
Fundamental - Tactical
Fundamental skills progressively refined, combined & elaborated upon to more sport specific skills
Willingness and knowledge of how to practise skills
Soccer specific skills: dribbling, shooting, passing, and controlling
Combination of skills in game related activities.

Fundamental - Physical
General overall development and mobility
Running, jumping, throwing
Agility, Balance, Co-ordination, Speed (ABCs)
Develop speed, power and endurance through FUN games
Develop linear, lateral and multi-directional speed


Fundamental - Mental
Positive attitude to sport
Confidence and Concentration
Achieve success and receive positive reinforcement
Enjoy the game
Be part of the group

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